St Philip’s

Church services were held on the Island at the McHaffie residence prior to 1869.

In 1869, land was set aside fronting the main street in Cowes for Church purposes.

St Philip’s Anglican Church is the oldest church and public building in continuous use on Phillip Island. The church was dedicated on Sunday 31st January 1870 by the Very Reverend H B McCartney, Dean of St James Cathedral, Melbourne  by the authority of the first Bishop of Melbourne, the right reverend Charles Perry.’

In 1872 the building was used for the State School, while the school building was being built across the road on the site of where the Heritage Center stands today.

– The Bell-Tower above the Porch was the gift of Mrs Bet Robertson – in memory of her late husband, Dr James Robertson. – It was designed by Messrs F Lyons and W Pitcher, built by F Lyon – and erected by Messrs Lyons, R McKay and A Williams. – The Church Bell was donated by Mr John West in 1885 – The Bell-Tower was dedicated on Sunday 15th December 2002 – by the Parish Priest .



(St Philips Cowes only has one “l”  in its spelling – taking its name from the Disciple Philip. where as the Island has two “l’s”in its spelling being named after Governor Phillip).